Bored of SPINE already? Here’s more cool stuff.

Sarah Zero banner

Sarah Zero. You will love this comic.

Man, I love the creators and the illustrations here. The story is about a high-school filled with super powered, super hormoned (that’s a word now) teenagers. Sadly, Peter, the antagonist has no superpowers SO FAR. They might keep testing him.

I love the illustrations and their deranged sense of humor. I remember cereal coming out of my nose on some of these. Make sure to put your food down before going in there, it’s hilarious.

dream*scar is one of the best illustrated webcomics out there. It’s manga and it’s about a teenager who’s finding out about her true origins, and it’s getting very good. It is one of my favorite comic out there – and it has a very nice, clean website also – which helps.

Ley Lines is such a fun read! One of the best constructed webcomics I’ve seen around. I’m linking the homepage for the banner to show you the latest artwork but make sure to read it from the beginning. You can click here to do so.

You’re here because you think about the end of the world. Or the idea of we will somehow survive our own demise, and live in a post-apocalyptic world fascinates you. It certainly fascinates me. Check out What it Takes. I love the color scheme and the story.

Another very well illustrated webcomic. It’s a series of short stories about paranormal detectives. Never turn down a good detective story, just click. Spare Keys For Strange Doors is great, but I like his other comic better:

Zoe the Vampire

Here’s a comic with teenage vampires in it.
I forgot how I found out about this comic, but it was like love at first sight. I kinda wasn’t so sure, I got the butterflies in my stomach, I had to look away – then BAM. It’s such a fun read. Also, the new website design improved my experience. Check it out.

Toon Hole is a lot of fun. It’s a group of guys and they have a great, sometimes twisted sense of humor. Just go there and click back button over and over again – you won’t regret it.


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