Cihan SesenCihan Sesen is a writer-illustrator and a filmmaker living in California. He stopped wearing diapers when he was twenty-six months old, and his first drawing ever was of a volkswagen beetle, on a napkin at the age of three.

He was born and raised in Istanbul. Cihan studied French in middle school where his drawing teacher tore up one of his drawings because he drew a happy face on the sun and the logo of something he saw in a Tintin book. That bastard will surely rot in hell.

At age of sixteen, he barely spoke any English when he came to America to study art at Idyllwild Arts Academy. He learned English by reading Star Wars books, and talking to real people. Idyllwild is a small town in the mountains; at times you can hear your own heartbeat because it is so quiet. You can also witness how a bunch of hippie-fallouts, religious fanatics, enlightened artists, tourists and rednecks get along at 4000 feet. After graduating from high school as a visual arts major, he went on to study filmmaking at San Francisco Art Institute.

During college he made a short, awkward video series called the Figures.He collaborated with Paul Waddell and made three part art videos called the Psychological Metapthors. Aside from making art videos, he still kept up making comics. In 2002 he finished his first graphic novel, BoneBite The Mad. This hand colored book depicts the story Alec Eiffel with a talking severed head called BoneBite The Mad. Together, they slay a room full of zombies, tackle down the Norwegian cocaine mafia, slay Robots, toilet monsters, and double team a blue haired bartender named Enid.

In 2003, he started writing and illustrating his second graphic novel:Merry Go Round. This black and white book tells the story of Alec’s exploration of an imaginary town called Merry Go Round in the sewers of San Francisco. I still don’t really know what this book is really about.

During that time he was also publishing a series called Amish Warrior: Long Ass Plane Ride to Britain on Madhappys magazine for a year. Most memorable comic from the college years however is Stop The Rain. It’s the most memorable because it only exist in my memory and I still remember it. This was going to be a series about me, in a world that never stops raining. However, I left San Francisco and it stopped raining, then I couldn’t work on this comic anymore. It just didn’t make any sense. Yet, Stop The Rain‘s first issue was published and distributed in San Francisco and the Bay Area in 2006.

In 2009, Cihan allied up with Paul Waddell and Justin Holmes to form the Invisible Triangle. Together they created a film version of Merry Go Round and published that book.

Currently, he’s working on a comic book series called SPINE The story depicts a post-apocalyptic, distopian future where Spine makes the best of it, and by best of it I mean skydiving half-naked into submarines. You probably knew that by now, since you’re here… right? The series are being published by Unnamed Press as eBooks, and will be available on print, on Spring 2014.

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