This is the cover of NEW SPINE.

When I was baby…

I was sold to the circus for trinkets and beats. Now I lie awake at night and dream about what I would do if I was ever set free…

I miss posting on here. I miss making SPINE. So, I’m going to fix that.

How about a reboot? November 8th is SPINE’s 5th Birthday. Let’s see if I can get the website done in time!

What you see up there is the new cover of SPINE by the way. What do you think?

Cartoon Portraits!

Hello friends,

I have been making all kinds of Cartoon Portraits for free, and publishing them on my Instagram. If you like me to draw you, I will add you to the queue, and I will draw yours for free also. All you need to do is ask! Just comment below, email me, tweet me, however you like. It has been a blast so far, and I have about 20 people that are patiently waiting in line, and I’m drawing as fast as I can, and I’m getting better. Yet, I would like to draw the portraits faster! Here’s my new plan:

Click here to donate:

This should make it easier for people to help me out. When the amount reaches $100 I will spend on  an Intous Creative Stylus, and I will draw using my iPad. This will take scanning, and coloring on the computer out of the process and will make it faster, and everyone will get a portrait for free, much faster. If you’re interested please take a look at the ones I have drawn below, and help.

Also, if you have any friends who wants their portraits drawn for free – let them know, tweet, share on Facebook, tumblr. I could really use your help. Thank you. :)

Close up view of SPINE's face. More personal angle to to comic.

Where have I been all this time?

I understand that I’ve been in hiatus quite some time now, and neglected this blog. Yet, I haven’t neglected Spine one bit. I have been heavily at work at transforming the all 8 issues into a single graphic novel, which will be SPINE’s final form. First 6 issues are already available via unnamed and other online retailers.

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Sketchbook ’14 | How this erupting Volcano tells us there is no karma

While we were sitting at that cafe in Long Beach, Car began telling me the story she’s writing. Now, I don’t want to mention anything about that story here – except for the version I was imagining. Like this little girl worried stuck in quicksand, when the island is about to get covered in molten lava.

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